Our Guide to Understanding How Much Debt Is Healthy?

Love Debt Free guide to understanding how much debt is healthy

When appropriately managed, borrowing money can help to improve your financial situation by allowing you to investing in assets we could otherwise not afford. Although it might seem strange, being in debt has the power to make you wealthier in the long run. But while most of us know the risks of taking on too […]

Our Guide on How to Get Out of Debt With No Money

Love Debt Free guide to reducing your debt even if you don't have any money

Trying to find your way out of debt when you’re broke might feel like an impossible task, but we have details on how you can achieve this. Step 1: Confront Your Debt Identify How Much Debt You Have. To tackle your debt problem, you first need to know how much you owe. It can be […]

Our Guide to Debt Consolidation Loans

Love Debt Free guide to debt consolidation loans

Once your financial situation begins to worsen it can be tempting to bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. This can lead to not only greater financial distress but also mental pressure which can often take its toll. While not necessarily a situation you can control immediately, it is very […]

Our Guide to Writing Off Debt’s You Can’t Afford to Pay Back

Love Debt Free guide to writing off debt you can't pay

There is a general misconception that any form of debt reorganisation plan will ultimately strip an individual of all of their assets and all of their income. Before we take a look at the various ways in which you can write off debt you can’t afford to pay back, it is worth reminding ourselves of […]

Our Guide to Understanding Debt Collectors and Your Rights

Love Debt Free guide to debt collection agencies

Even the term debt collector sends a shiver down the spine of many people. While it is fair to say that the introduction of a debt collecting agency to the mix is serious, it is very important that you know your rights. It would be fair to suggest that the debt collecting industry does not […]

Our Guide to Understanding Payday Loans

Love Debt Free Guide to payday loans

Traditionally, payday loans are short term, high-interest loans, designed to tide borrowers over until their next salary instalment. Payday loans are typically easy and quick to apply for. Lenders may be more flexible than many high street lenders about their customers’ credit history, which can make payday loans an alluring option if you have a […]

A Guide to What Happens to My Debts When I Die?

Love debt free what happens to my debt when I die

Any debts you have are passed on to your estate when you die. How those debts are dealt with – and who ultimately pays for them- will depend on the kind of debt, whether it was insured and whether anyone else was a guarantor or co-signed the money you borrowed. Your Estate When you die, […]

Our Guide to Reducing and Managing Your Store Card Debt

Love debt free Store Card Debt

Store cards can be a great way to nab discounts and save on purchases if you pay off all your balance right away, but lenders rely on the fact that most of us won’t do this. Once any introductory offers have expired, store cards can end up being a very expensive form of credit– and […]

Our Guide to Managing and Reducing Your Personal Loan Debt

Love Debt Free Personal Loan Debt

Personal loans allow you to borrow unsecured capital over a fixed term and interest rate – by mid-2019, high street lenders were owed a whopping £35.5 billion in unpaid personal loans. With interest rates that can be lower than many credit cards and overdrafts, personal loans can be an affordable way to help fund personal […]