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Len Burgess

Len Burgess is a successful digital entrepreneur and founder of LBLK Publishing.

My Work Story

I started working in digital marketing in 2003 just after the .com boom, and during the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008, sadly, my first business became a statistic of the global financial crisis.

During the financial crisis it seemed like my world was ending, my company was so heavily involved in the financial sector in the space of one month we lost every client and had to close the doors about 3-4 months later, as a 28-year-old it was the hardest time of my life.

Even during these difficult times, there was one element that was absolutely at the forefront of my thoughts, I loved digital marketing, and I loved the financial sector – my thoughts on both haven’t changed.

After a short spell of working for a major digital advertising network that specialised in the financial sector, I made the jump back in building another business.

It was around 2012, and the London Olympics and my wife were heavily pregnant with our first child that I started my ‘eMedia consultants’ that specialised in email marketing and working with financial brokers throughout the UK providing services to the client base.

Since eMedia consultants, I have started and run various other financial-based websites and marketing companies culminating in LBLK Publishing. LBLK manages a host of financial websites providing easy to understand content for multiple sectors while working with brokers throughout the UK matching consumers with a need to a broker who can help.

Every single day, enough people read our financial digital content to fill a football stadium, and our company has grown to multiple employees.

My goal when I wake up every morning is to help people throughout the UK understand the world of finances and make it easy for them to make decisions which will help them make their money work for them.

It’s not just Debt? We run and manage a host of financial based sites aimed at helping consumers all over the UK...

The Mortgage Bank

The Mortgage Bank has grown to be one of the most trusted mortgage sites throughout the UK.  We have already helped thousands of consumers find the right mortgage and remortgage since we partnered with the best mortgage brokers.  We produce regular mortgage and remortgage content and keep our ears firmly to the ground and change, release information based on market conditions and/or changes in legislation.

Money Saving Advice

The financial landscape is vast! There is so much information available, we created Money Savings Advice to help people with easy to understand information on all aspects of money and finances and where possible we have partnered with companies that can help them navigate a particular niche or product in more detail.

Flexy Loans

Flexy Loan is our flagship loan site where we provide relevant and useful information about the personal loan industry, from understanding how loans work to how you can get a loan with bad credit and everything in-between!

Flexy Loans has also partnered with major UK lenders and many you haven’t heard of and can provide you with an immediate loan from £100-£5,000 with the money deposited immediately and has already helped thousands of people who have struggled to get loans from major high street lenders.

Equity Tree

For people over 55 who are looking to release equity from their property it can become a daunting place with so much information.  Equity Tree was designed to enable consumers to see the wood from the trees.  People can make informed decisions from the huge portfolio of equity release content (we have tried to cover all angels). 

Equity Tree has also partnered with the UK largest and most successful Equity Release companies, so if consumers want to progress with releasing equity we can facilitate.

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