Writing off a percentage of your debt will enable you to get on with your life and remove the stress of debt.

Our goal at Love Being Debt Free is to help you speak to the right company who can help you remove the burden of personal debt.

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Debt Information

Sadly, millions of people struggle in the UK every month from mounting debts, spiralling from one debt to another with no visible route out. However, over 1m people in the UK have taken advantage of the government-backed scheme enabling them to write off a percentage of their debts.

To take advantage of this government backed debt write off scheme you need to owe over £3,000.00 and have more than three creditors. 

Why Choose ‘Love being debt Free’

Love being debt-free work with hundreds of companies throughout the UK who can help you write off a percentage of your debt.  

We have already worked with over 25,102 people, and through our personal touch and hand-picked debt solution companies, we will help you navigate the world of debt and come out the other side, debt-free.

Debt FAQ's

Debt collection agencies are not the same as bailiffs. Debt collection agencies cannot take your belongings and have no rights to force entry to your property at any stage.

They usually become involved in collecting debts after you have missed payments on credit debts such as loans, credit cards and store cards. They act before court action has been taken against you. Bailiffs are often used by creditors after court action has been made.

In most cases, they should not force entry to your home unless they have been in peacefully before and taken the correct steps to put your belongings under the control of the law.

A county court judgement (CCJ) will be recorded on your credit reference file for six years. After that, it will drop off, even if you still owe money under the judgement.

If you pay off the CCJ in full before the six years is up, you can apply for a certificate of satisfaction for a small fee so that your credit reference file can be marked to show that you have paid in full.

Whilst the CCJ is on your credit file; it will make it more difficult for you to get further credit.

Yes – most banks and building societies offer what is called a ‘basic bank account’. These accounts are useful because your credit score does not usually matter. This means you should still be able to get a basic bank account even if you have lots of debt or a county-court judgment, and in some cases, if you are bankrupt. A basic bank account is a simple type of account that lets you pay money in and out, but doesn’t usually offer things like an overdraft or a cheque book.

Yes, is it entirely possible to write off your council tax arrears but this depends on a few different factors.

  1. Your council needs to be on our list of approved councils. Some councils will allow you to pay back a small percentage of your council tax debts, others will insist on the full amount. It is important to speak to us to find out how your council vote.
  2. You will need to have a total debt level of £5000 or over. This must consist of 2 or more creditors (people you owe money to).
  3. You must have a regular income of £800 or above.

What Are The Next Steps​

Using our hand-picked network of debt relief companies throughout the UK, we will match you up with the best company to help you based on your personal circumstances.  Our hand-picked companies have helped thousands of consumers already and take a personal and empathetic approach to all.

Making the right decision for you to remove the stress of your debts

You must be prepared to enter an IVA. An IVA is the only legitimate way (except for bankruptcy) to write off your council tax debts. With an IVA you will have to pay back a percentage of your total debts for five years. At the end of the five years, the remainder of your debt will be written entirely off – leaving you debt-free.

Things to consider when entering an IVA

Some benefits of an IVA are:

  • it's legally binding - this means your creditors have to stick to it and they can't chase you for the debt once the IVA is in place
  • it's time-limited, and you only have to repay while the IVA's in place - usually 5 or 6 years
  • creditors generally accept you'll only pay part of the debt

Why is 'Love Being debt-free' right for you?

We work with hand-picked debt solution companies throughout the Uk, and we have already helped thousands of people write off and reduce their debts.

Using our hand-picked selection of debt solutions companies throughout the UK means you will get the best deal from a local broker who will understand your personal needs, who will be on hand to deal with any questions you have throughout the process.
Using our hand-picked selection of Equity Release brokers throughout the UK means you will get the best deal from a local broker who will understand your personal needs, who will be on hand to deal with any questions you have throughout the process.

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